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CLC#004: And Reprisal

Cyber Lunarium Commission #004: And Reprisal The Cyber Lunarium Commission was established to propose novel approaches to United States cyber strategy grounded in technical and operational realities. The commissioners of the CLC “moonlight” in cyber policy, drawing upon their experiences in government, military, industry, and academia.   The Cyber Lunarium Commission can be reached at and followed at @CyberLunarium .  We welcome questions and feedback about our work. --- This fourth and final post in the Cyber Lunarium’s cyber letter of marque (CLoM) series explores some of the most controversial ideas thus far. Building upon prior discussion of the CLoM concept in CLC#001 , the application of CLoMs to counter-ISIL cyber operations in CLC#002 , and the CLoM-based IoT access-as-a-service ideas in CLC#003 , in this post the Cyber Lunarium explores reprisal operations. These concepts may be seen as norms violating, escalatory, and otherwise controversial - they